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BLOG Tuesday, July 7, 2009 WOW! What a June . . . It’s been absolutely NUTS just in case you wondered why I haven’t written! I’ve been keeping busy with work since I have been missing my Princess Nechama (away visiting her parents, her daughters, her brothers, their families and Orit and Eitan in Israel) and while I have accomplished a lot, I am so glad she is back home with me (I can sleep again!)

As I said this has been the CRAZIEST month for gigs in about a year, and I send my love and special thanks to my friends Bobby Garfield and Jarad Pesner for all the EXTRA work at the raffle and the private parties! It has been wonderful working with Istvan too; he is going to be joining me for two cuts on the new album! Speaking of which, SMILE, my 6th CD (with an accompanying DVD) is slowly taking shape, and my extra moments have been devoted to that and, of course, visiting MeeMee on weekends. The garden in Ottawa is looking beautiful, and it looks like the best season yet for Blackberries . . . We won’t crow on that account however as it is still early and there have been many sightings of hungry furry animals that would probably LOVE their taste if they got wind!

Right now I’m working on the last new tunes for our August 4th recording . . . There will be at least 5 brand new pieces and 2 new arrangements ready besides the live stuff from the last Place des Arts concert. And it’s time to hit the keys . . . OFF TO WORK! XOXO


BLOG Saturday, May 9, 2009 I just got back from a party, this one at Rosemarie Schade’s (my friend and History Professor) house. The celebration was for the Loyola College student graduation so I played classical music for the most part (Elgar’s “Land of Hope and Glory,” and Brahms’ “Academic Festival Overture” were highlights.) I learned some Romanian history from one of the students, and discovered that EVERYONE in attendance loves Obama (most have read BOTH of his books). Now I’m setting to work learning some material from the violinist Istvan Lakatos. He is a wonderful player and I am happy to have work with him over the next couple of months. It’s also great to add new music to my repertoire . . . NO rest for the wicked!


BLOG Sunday, May 3, 2009 What a party . . . I was honoured to attend Jerry Mercer’s 70th birthday party today! This Canadian rock legend is in fine form, drumming up a storm, and obviously enjoying his semi-retirement. Members of April Wine, Offenbach, Bowser and Blue and many other legendary Montreal bands were there to celebrate and play. Donald K. Donald and Trevor Payne were also in attendance and I got to rub shoulders with many interesting people. I came down after work with my lovely wife Nechama and my friend bassist Richard Fallis and his lady Lorraine. After a little meet and greet, I got to jam with Breen LeBoeuf (bass), Pascal Tirapani (bass), Steve Segal (guitar), Brian Greenway (guitar), Kelly Watling (guitar) and the birthday boy himself. I had the time of my life and wish Jerry MANY more years and MANY more parties like this one!  



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